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  • 2019 Planning 19 February 2019 | Comments (0)

    Now the festive season is out the way, I've been head down and busy planning 2019. Although we've had a little cold snap, I've not lost much workshop time so far. This picture was taken down at the workshop early one frosty morning.

    Slate wine rack

    Some projects have already delivered, some are in design whilst others are in the very early stages. I've already had a visit from a famous Sommelier who took a trip down to the workshop and left with one of my Slate Champagne Coolers. More about this in a seperate blog post.

    I've also completed a bespoke commission for a happy couple who are getting married very shortly. This is a slightly new twist on something that proved to be very popular in 2018. I can't share this just yet but as soon as they're married, I will be able to post about this.

    I'm also in the planning stages for another commission for a wedding at the famous St Pauls Cathedral later in the year.

    Another popular Gin Rack design has been commissioned and in the design stage.

    A bunch of trophies have been prep'd and are all ready for carving for the Westest VW Festival based near Tenby. This is a great event which I am proud to be involved with each year.

    I'll be launching another bespoke product for one of my clients. We work closely together and engage very early on in the design process each year, in order to bring exciting new designs to their popular garden rooms. This tweak to an existing design will provide more seamless integration with their customised outdoor bars.

    A few quarry trips are also being planned and I'm hoping to tie these in with some client visits. In addition we are hoping to take a trip down a Mine on the Jurassic Coast with some friends. There may well be a few spaces coming up on this so if you're interested please do get in touch and I might be able to sort something out.

    Another exciting project I've got involved with involves a number of Vineyards battling it out to win the top prize. More about this soon.

    There's another design idea in the making but struggling to find something on the market that I need to complete this, so will likely have to design and commission something myself in order for it to work how I want it. This will be another first and I really need to find the time to get on with this and bring this idea to the market.

    I've also perfected the process and cut down the tooling time massively for mass producing Portland Stone coasters. I'm hoping these will be available shortly across a number of key scenic sites across the South Coast.

    Whilst I'm bursting at the seams in the current workshop, I've been busy pursuing an additional site and this is likely to be way out in West Wales. This will be very small to start with and will become a collection point for small products. This will cut down the high transport costs and make these more affordable to my growing customer base in Pembrokeshire.

    Amongst all of this work, I'll also be putting in a few miles training on the bike, preparing for the 2019 Dragon Ride around the Brecon Beacons. I'm dragging a few more mates around this year so they can experience the pain, I mean pleasure ! whilst riding around this beautiful part of the world.

    More blog posts to come soon....

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    Things are pretty hectic in the workshop at the moment so please bare with us, we will get to all of your orders. Some are out in transit, ready for collection and bespoke commissions are nearing completion over the next few days.

    The cut off dates for this Christmas are Friday 07th Dec for personalised lettering and carvings and Wednesday 19th for all racks off the shelf.

    Sunday 23rd is the final day for collections from the workshop then we are closed until the New Year.

    Slate champagne cooler

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    It's on Ice 14 November 2018 | Comments (0)

    Drilled from a single piece of slate. Larger than normal. Designed specifically for Champagne and Prosecco. Chiseled edges. These coolers will keep your favourite bottles chilling nicely. Ice can be added to these and it won't leak, due to the fascinating DNA of slate.

    Available on the website now.

    Slate wine cooler

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    Dancing Ledge 12 October 2018 | Comments (0)

    I took inspiration from the Dancing Ledge on the Jurassic Coast for this piece.

    Dancing Ledge is a flat area of rock at the base of a small cliff. A little scrampbling is required to access.  Dancing Ledge is so called becuase at certain stages of the tide when the waves wash over the horizontal surface, the surface undulations cause the water to bob about making the Ledge appear to dance.

    I could only manage this due to the size of the stone and thickness. I'm so pleased with the result, where the bottle of Stone Gorge 1908 appears to be floating on the rock.

    Whilst the front face has a sawn edge finish, the back is rough and rugged and full of shells, a complete contrast. The upper ledge can either be drilled again for wine or tonic bottles or engraved with a logo or name.

    Portland Stone Dancing Ledge Gin Rack Wine Rack

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