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  • A big warm welcome to the newest member of the team. #63mm. These are normally a quiet bunch but once they get going they can be quite noisey.

    Slate wine rack new core


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    My job is quite simple, work the slate / stone to expose the inner beauty. Some pieces are easier than others. Here's an absolutely beautiful example of the finest Portland Stone. Even the cores that came out are jam packed with stunning fossils.

    Portland Stone Wine Rack

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    Scaling 28 July 2017 | Comments (0)

    Getting some big clients on board who have very specific requirements.

    Here's part of a large order for 6 x hole wine racks

    Slate wine rack

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    Big Racks 13 July 2017 | Comments (0)

    During a recent quarry visit, I was lucky enough to pick out some stunning pieces of slate. Certain sizes seem to gain a lot of interest so I was on the look out for some specific sizes and shapes. It's all natural so I can only work with what I find but I try to work within certain parameters.

    Here's a selection of some recent racks finished.

    Large slate wine racks

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