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  • Scaling 28 July 2017 | Comments (0)

    Getting some big clients on board who have very specific requirements.

    Here's part of a large order for 6 x hole wine racks

    Slate wine rack

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    Big Racks 13 July 2017 | Comments (0)

    During a recent quarry visit, I was lucky enough to pick out some stunning pieces of slate. Certain sizes seem to gain a lot of interest so I was on the look out for some specific sizes and shapes. It's all natural so I can only work with what I find but I try to work within certain parameters.

    Here's a selection of some recent racks finished.

    Large slate wine racks

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    I'm slowly working my way through drilling out lumps I recently collected from Portland. There's a real mix and I'm starting to get a much better feel for working with this particular stone as it's so different to slate.  It's a much softer Limestone so the diamonds on the core drill quickly sink their way through this stone even on a slow gearing.

    I initially focused on the more uniform rectangular pieces as I personally prefer the modern, sleek, contemporary look and feel to these pieces. Marking these out takes very little time and I choose not to squeeze too many holes in as I think this deters from the look of the stone, as even though these need to be functional, oddly, I still like to keep as much of the stone as possible. Some pieces are more soulful than others and have rippling shell streaks through it reflecting the Jurassic era.

    To ensure I have a good selction of pieces available on the website, I've recently moved onto more natural, rough looking pieces and I've already finished drilling a few of these. The bobbled, rough look is in stark contrast to the clean sawn faces but they also provide as much, if not more character to the stone.

    After a gentle sanding once dry, this smoothes the surface and the colour of the stone reverts back to it's silky white colour.

    I've attached two examples, sawn and rough, illustrating some key differences between these wine racks from stunning world famous Portland Stone.

    Portland Stone Wine Rack

    Portland Stone Wine Rack




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    Portland 03 May 2017 | Comments (0)

    I recently took a day out of the office and made a trip down to the quarry in Portland, Dorset. I'd had a few orders come in for a bespoke drinks dispenser, wine rack and house sign so made the 2 hr trip to pick out some nice stone. I got a bit carried away and had to stop myself from overloading the van as there were so many nice pieces to choose from. I'll be drilling these up over the next few weeks so keep an eye on the website for new racks being added.

    Portland Stone

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